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Marque britannique d'échappements moto.

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"The enthusiasts brand.

Thanks for your interest in the Scorpion brand. Wether you invest or not, it's great to have this opportunity to tell a little of the Scorpion story and why we have become known as ‘the enthusiasts brand’.

In today’s ultra-competitive environment, it's important we anticipate your needs and surprise you with a constant stream of great ideas which are relevant for the way you ride and drive. And in order to do that we should have not just an understanding - but a passion - for bikes and cars.

Those who have made the trip through Derbyshires countryside to our manufacturing facility will first be struck by the rows of performance bikes and cars lined up outside. These are not customers vehicles, but staff - designers, motorsport specialists, engineers, R&D technicians and road testers.

All automotive enthusiasts, all ultra professional yet very approachable people who all follow the same Scorpion philosophy - that only by knowing our customers and their needs well, can we deliver exceptional user experiences.

Peer into the works and you will see individual customer exhausts being crafted by automotive engineers, and quality control technicians checking every component that goes out through our doors.

The teams meticulous attention to detail and superior engineering skills put Scorpion at the very top in terms of construction quality and reliability. But the real difference is the way a Scorpion feels. No other exhaust feels like a Scorpion because no other exhaust is created with our passion. And that's one thing which can never be copied.

Are you ready to experience Red Power?

Red power is something which can't be seen or touched nor is it a statistic on a piece of paper; its how ownership of a Scorpion exhaust makes you feel, how a unique synergy of construction, aesthetics, performance and sound is delivered.

Red Power evokes the passion, performance and heat of competition drawn from over 20 years of motorsport tuning and racing success. It embodies Scorpion’s drive for continuous engineering superiority, product and performance refinement, and above all sheer riding and driving enjoyment.

Red Power also gives you the comfort factor that the system you have specified has been hand crafted by a Scorpion automotive engineer in the UK - not mass produced in the far east like many of todays most expensive brands whose popularity is simply the result of paid endorsements, media manipulation and advertising hype.

Scorpions hand built systems not only give you real exclusivity, but added value too. We don’t just charge what we feel the market will stand for a premium grade exhaust; when you upgrade to Scorpion you are paying for quality R&D, the finest hand selected materials, extensive testing and for the skill of an automotive engineer. You really are getting more bang for your buck.

Red Power is even built into the product itself, a select number of systems featuring Red Power tip inlays to distinguish our special products - a unique way to identify Scorpion from the rear; the only view other traffic (or race competitors) usually get of a moving vehicle. For them the message is clear: “Back off, or get Stung!”

Stinger//Claw Brand Icon

Stinger//Claw is the symbol of the Scorpion brand, standing for Superiority, Accuracy, Power, and Resilience. This icon represents the performance potential of all Scorpion products.

Inspired by the scorpion - a formidable creature which has evolved over hundreds of millions of years into the ultimate predator capable of defence and attack with equal deadly aggression.

That important red in the colourway underpins the unique ‘RED POWER’ positioning; moving Scorpion beyond the predictable ‘quality, reliability and performance’ promises made by other manufacturers.

The dynamic form, fluid movement, bold colours and font are designed to be identified at high speed – something that’s important for spectator recognition within our increasingly higher profile racing activities.

Stinger//Claw is a mark of automotive excellence. Insist on it when you're ready to upgrade your drive.

The Original Sports Exhaust

Scorpion have been quietly winning motorsport championships for over 20 years, consistently beating teams which are very publicly supported by rival exhaust manufacturers who construct entire marketing campaigns around their racing involvement.

Those who follow motorsport may have seen our support team in attendance at a huge range of two and four wheel series - without even knowing it. Often in sponsors team attire, Scorpion factory technicians are focussed purely on the racing and our involvement has always been strictly for development - not promotional purposes.

The same discretion has been applied supplying OE systems to some of the worlds biggest supercar manufacturers who have chosen Scorpion exhausts to put their name to.

As Scorpion moves into a new era the intention is to adopt a higher profile with our motorsport program, especially production based series which give us the most relevant development environment to allow true technology transfer from track to road. In particular we intend to build on successes in the BTCC, Porsche Cup, VW Racing Cup, World Endurance, Time Attack and Superbike; plus off road sport including Rally, MX and Supermoto."

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Résultats 1 - 4 sur 4.