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Marque allemande d'échappement moto.

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"Since 1965 The Bos company, which is still family operated, has researched, developed and produced exhaust systems for motorbikes & cars for street and competition use.

All the research we do in our racing-program is directly used for the production systems. We test on stock bikes in our own Dyno test facilities and if there is any need for re-adjustment of the bike we will supply this with the exhaust.

Next to this the design of our systems have to follow the lines of the motorcycle in such way that you obtain more cornering clearance. Combine this all together with a healthy weight saving in comparison with the bulky original and you will get a perfect BOS exhaust system.

All systems we produce are handmade by enthusiastic craftsmen who are proud of their products. Only the best materials available are used together with high tech technology production methods and machines. Every silencer however is still assembled by hand to ensure top quality.

All of our silencers are approved but can be changed to a sport silencer by simply removing the dB eater.
For every type of Bike we have developed a specific range of silencers as shown on this website, for further information visit your dealer."



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