CB1000R 2008-2017 


  • Honda genuine

    Genuine parts and accessories for CB1000R from 2008 to 2017.

  • Exhausts

    Find all our exhausts available for the CB1000R!

  • Race

    All the parts for your CB1000R destined to the track. Nothing approved, so do not use on the road!

  • Plate holders

    All the plate holders and wheel passages for CB1000R.

  • Front/Rear Huggers

    All the huggers for CB1000R.

  • Seat covers

    All the seat covers for CB1000R.

  • Engine guard

    All the engine guards for CB1000R.

  • Windshield

    All the windshields for CB1000R.

  • Handlebar

    Parts related to the handlebars of your CB1000R.

  • Levers

    Levers suitables with CB1000R.

  • Mirrors

    Mirrors suitables with CB1000R.

  • Tuning

    All parts and accessories related to the look of your CB1000R and its customization.

  • Protection

    All the items to protect your CB1000R.

  • Security

    Protect your bike from the theft.

  • Luggage

    Luggage for CB1000R.

  • Electricity

    Turn signals and electric items for CB1000R.

  • Maintenance

    All the accessories and consumables for the maintenance of your CB1000R.

  • Bike preparation

    The CB1000R prepared by CB1000RShop.com are specially developed for lovers of exception machines. Custom paint, special accessories, special requests... We make your dreams a reality!