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  • 12,42 € In Stock

    Belgom Aluminum Cleaner, perfect for the maintenance of your Honda CB1000R! This professional-quality product polishes, shines and protects aluminum, stainless steel, copper and all motorcycle alloys, such as manifolds. 250ml bottle.

    12,42 €
  • 11,58 € In Stock

    Belgom Chrome Cleaner, perfect for the maintenance of your Honda CB1000R! Professional quality polish cream for deoxidizing, shine and protect all of your bike chromes. 250ml capacity.

    11,58 €
  • 9,08 € In Stock

    The Belgom Scratch Remover allows you, thanks to its abrasive effect, to remove light scratches on your Honda CB1000R! They can be caused for instance by scratching, key marks or the rubbing of branches. Quantity of 135ml. Warning: because of its " polishing " action, this product CANNOT be used on the matte bodyworks.

    9,08 €
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items