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Pack Shad E10P Neo Sports Cafe


E10P + X010PS

Pack including the Shad E10P bag and its mounting system for your CB1000R Neo Sports Cafe.

This handy Shad bag is lightweight and portable over the shoulder for 5 liters of storage.

On the bike, the luggage rack adapts to your driving position and useful finishes (rain cover, reflective strips) make your life easier and improve your safety !

Data sheet

CompatibilityCB1000R Neo Sports Cafe (2018-2022)

Pack content

  • 78,75 € Shipment expected within 5 days

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    Semi-rigid polyester bag that attaches to your tank quickly and securely thanks to the Shad Pin system (see accessory). Storage capacity: 5 liters

    78,75 €
  • 1 x

    Attachment for Shad luggage on the tank of your CB1000R. Support attached to small pins that replace the screws of the tank hatch. Secure, discreet and ready in few minutes !